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A specialist trail building company, inspired by the rugged beauty of Tasmania and everything outdoors.

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Using specialist techniques, we construct trails that are timeless, memorable and sensitive to the environment.



Conceiving beautiful experiences

We work with stone and timber to design trails that not only have the lowest level of ecological footprint but are considerate of the cultural and heritage values of the area.

We calculate every twist and turn, to the nth degree so you can explore, experience and enjoy every moment. With extensive experience across a broad collection of projects, our team understands the land and how it behaves.

We deliver projects with the best outcome for the community, the environment and your budget.


Building with minimal impact

At Mtn. Trails, we combine hand crafted tools, techniques and modern machinery with locally-sourced materials to create aesthetic, sustainable and timeless structures.

This means your trail blends seamlessly into the landscape- so that no-one would know it was new. Our expert team can undertake and manage multiple projects at once, with ease.

We have the equipment and skills to bring your design to life – even in the most remote and physically difficult terrain.
Mtn. Trails can cater for projects of any size.

MAINTAINance + upgrades

Maintaining to preserve for years to come

We specialise in the auditing, assessment, repair and redirection of trails and structures.

We are renowned for our processes which enable you to better manage current infrastructure, develop funding plans and meet maintenance obligations.

We ensure your trail conforms to standards and provide comprehensive action-plans when required, and aim to improve the outdoor experience for all trail users.


Stone + Wood

To construct each trail, we use a combination of timber and stone. Wherever possible, we use locally-sourced materials and ensure they always meet (or exceed) industry standard.

Our long-standing relationships with suppliers ensure we can provide you with high quality materials, on demand and at competitive prices.

Hand Tools

At Mtn. Trails, we incorporate age-old craftsmanship into every design project. Tried and tested techniques such as dry stone dyking are used to craft elegant structures which will be there for years to come.

For example, the ‘dry-stone arch bridge’ uses stone masonry and traditional construction methods to transport visitors across water.

Sensitive Machinery

Our machinery includes excavators, power carriers, chainsaws, brush cutters, winches, generators, compaction plates, compressors and power tools.

Our fully qualified team is skilled in operating this equipment, which increases on-site productivity and means no project is too complex.  

Remote Access Vehicles

At Mtn. Trails, we use helicopters to transport equipment and materials to and from work sites. This means access to even the most remote locations is both achievable and effortless.
Our strong relationships with independent contractors ensure construction sites can be set up, dismantled and relocated at any time.



Stones laid



1000+ km

Trails built

40+ yrs

Combined Experience



3 Capes Track

Together with Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS), Mtn. Trails was heavily involved in the construction of the Three Capes Track on the Tasman Peninsular.Located in the Tasman National Park, this multi-day walking trail spans 46 kilometres, beginning at Port Arthur Historic Site. Hikers are guided through landscapes, rich with flora and fauna to Cape Hauy, Cape Pillar and views to Cape Raoul.

The Tasman National Park is renown for its kelp forests, dolerite sea cliffs and unique species. To preserve these natural values, we constructed much of the trail and infrastructure by hand, only using machinery when necessary. This machinery included power carriers, excavators, compactors and rock lifting devices. Due to the remote nature of the Three Capes Track, we also used helicopters to transport rock, gravel and equipment to each site. This proved challenging with the erratic, south-easterly weather; however, our team worked tirelessly – rail, hail or shine.

The seamless integration between art, engineering and nature is evident throughout the trail and demonstrates our considered approach and meticulous attention to detail. In particular, the stone staircase at Mount Arthur, stone arch bridge at Cape Hauy and the boardwalk around Hurricane Heath.  This project (in conjunction with our trail work at Cape Hauy) was constructed over a four year period with the expertise and craftsmanship of 32 Mtn. Trails staff. The track was officially opened in December 2015 and so far, has attracted over 7000 hikers.


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